General Information


It is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends school every day. If your child is sick, or you have an important family event to attend eg, funeral or tangihanga, they may need to be away from school. Children who have frequent absences from school miss out on valuable learning, and this will lead to learning difficulties especially in reading and maths.

Notifying School of an Absence

Parents/caregivers can notify school of an absence by phoning and leaving a message at 235 8248 or by text at 027 234 8577

In the case of prolonged sickness (over 5 consecutive school days) school requires a medical certificate as schools are required to keep records of all children’s absences and reasons for these.

Please note that haircuts, shopping and appointments need to be made out of school hours. Bad weather is not a good reason for absence.

Late Card

Tamariki arriving late to school need to collect a late card from the office before going to class.


Natone Park School accepts enrolments at any time. To enrol your child simply visit the school office and complete an enrolment form. Our friendly Office Manager is available to assist you.

Public Health Nurse

Our Public Health Nurse (PHN) visits our school every Tuesday. Parents/caregivers can make a request for the PHN to check a specific issue your child and may have (eg. infected sores). In order for the nurse to undertake an examination of this nature a signed form must be completed in advance. Forms can be obtained from the front office.

Dental Treatment

You are able to book an appointment at the Brandon Hub 0800 825 583 based at Brandon Intermediate in Driver Crescent. We do not make the appointments for you. It is your responsibility to get your child to the appointment. If the Dental Truck makes a visit to the school to check children’s teeth, we will inform everyone via the school newsletter.

Healthy Eating Options

Parents/caregivers can choose to send children to school without any kai as Natone Park School provides the following programmes for all children:

Fruit in School - a daily piece of fresh fruit

Breakfast in School - weetbix and toast - 8:15am - 8:45am daily

Morning Tea - fruit and snack

Healthy Lunch in School - daily lunch service

*Students are not permitted to leave the grounds to purchase food from the bakery/dairy.

School Policies

All school policies can be viewed at where you have the opportunity to provide feedback on policies up for review. To access the page the community username is 'natone' and password 'whanau'


Newsletters go out on an as need basis. Generally this is every two weeks. Smaller event specific newsletters are also sent out as needed, eg. for a school trip.


We make regular use of Facebook to share things happening at school along with updates for parents/caregivers. The Natone Park School Facebook page is set to private and only members may view posts. To join the site please complete the 'request to join' information and we will add you. Extended whānau are welcome to join the page as well.

Please note that we have strict guidelines for being part of our Facebook page. This is a place for us to share student successes as well as keep parents/caregivers updated.

If you have a personal matter that you wish to raise with school this should be done face to face at school. Our Facebook page is not the place to air personal grievances.

You can click this link to our school Facebook page.

Reporting to Parents

Natone Park School is committed to keeping parents/caregivers updated on the progress of their tamariki. We do this by:

HERO Online Reports

Our online reporting portal provides parents/caregivers with up to date information on student achievement. There is specific information related to the achievement of your tamariki in reading, writing, and mathematics.

HERO also allows teachers (and senior students) to share evidence of learning. This can be in the form of photos and videos.

Face to Face Hui with parents/caregivers are held in term two.

School wide achievement information is available on our school website as part of the School Charter annual targets.

Open Door Policy

Natone Park School welcomes the involvement an engagement of all members of our school whānau. Please feel free to visit and become involved in your child/ren's learning.

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