About Us

We support Level 3 Immersion education here at Natone Park:


  • Level 1: Maintenance Programmes (81% to 100% Immersion)
      • Te reo Māori is the principal language of communication and instruction.
      • The principal curriculum is taught entirely in Māori.

    (It is expected that all students in the programme will interact freely in Māori).

    Level 2: Development Programmes (51% to 80% Immersion)

      • Te reo Māori is, for most of the time, the language of communication and instruction.
      • English is accepted as a temporary language of instruction and communication.
      • There is an agreement between the school and parents that the programme will achieve a particular level of immersion over a specified period of time.
      • The level of fluency of the teacher will vary considerably, from not very fluent to native-like fluency.
      • There is a reliance on Kaiarahi Reo to increase the amount of spoken Māori in the programme.

    (It is expected that not all students in the programme will interact freely in Māori).

    Level 3: Emerging Programmes (31% to 50% Immersion)

      • English is the main language of communication and instruction.
      • The teacher can communicate at a basic level of Māori, but has difficulty instructing in Māori.
      • Māori is used as the classroom management language.
      • An increase in the level of immersion is restricted by the level of fluency of the teacher.
      • A Kaiarahi Reo is usually the only fluent speaker in the programme.

    Note: A school which is offering Māori as a subject only would not meet the level 3 Immersion criteria.


We have a desire to promote and build a love for Te Reo to honour our tipuna who settled this whenua.   Those intrepid travellers who decided to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure bringing their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future to this new land. We want to encourage and inspire the next generations of learners to look beyond the obvious and have fun learning.

We actively support ways that we can support our Pacific Languages in our school programme and encourage whānau participation in our school.

We are located at the rear of Waitangirua Mall and sit in the heart of what is known as the Porirua East Cluster. Waitangirua was established during the 1960s, almost exclusively as a Government housing development for New Zealand’s burgeoning working class immigrant population. The hilly suburb until the late 90s was almost semi-rural surrounded by farmland with Whitby to the North East, Pauatahanui Inlet and Estuary further to the North, and the Belmont hills and Hutt Valley to the East.  The diverse multi-racial nature of Waitangirua makes for a colourful community dominated by a vibrant and exuberant youth culture.

We support our teachers to lead from the front, who are passionate about the learning of our students, and teachers who have a passion for supporting the learning journey of our up and coming leaders for tomorrow.

Our parents told us they want….

  • to be more involved
  • a united staff
  • to see us supporting one another for the benefit of our future leaders
  • a clear direction for the future
  • a better understanding of what our tamariki are doing
  • a plan for parents to tautoko Level 3 Immersion and our Pasific Languages

Because IT IS ALL ABOUT OUR CHILDREN, we want our teachers to:

  • have outstanding people skills
  • understand the importance of relationship management
  • be team orientated, flexible
  • be a good role model to others, child or adult
  • easily connect with and listen to student and community voice
  • have an interest in music and the performing arts
  • be creative and outward thinking
  • have a sense of humour and a happy disposition
  • have common sense and can think of solutions without being directed
  • be prepared to bring heart and soul to the job
  • always reflect on their own performance as a professional