General Information

School Attendance

It is your responsibility to ensure that your child attends school every day. If your child is sick, or you have an important family event to attend eg, funeral or tangihanga, they may need to be away from school. Children who have frequent absences from school miss out on valuable learning, and this will lead to learning difficulties especially in reading and maths.

Haircuts, shopping and appointments need to be made out of school hours. Bad weather is not a good reason for absence. We want our children to make good progress and to be successful learners.


Please ring the school if your child is sick or will be absent. In the case of prolonged sickness, a medical certificate needs to be dropped off to the office or given to your child’s teacher. Schools are required to keep records of all children’s absences and reasons for these.

Health Nurse

Bronwyn Gammie visits our school every Tuesday and if there is any health concern Bronwyn will check the child and may recommend that you take your child to a Doctor if the issue is serious.

Dental Treatment

You are able to book an appointment at the Brandon Hub 0800 825 583 based at Brandon Intermediate in Driver Crescent. We do not make the appointments for you. It is your responsibility to get your child to the appointment. If the Dental Truck makes a visit to the school to check children’s teeth, we will inform everyone via the school newsletter.

Healthy Eating Options

WATER is our drink of choice. We encourage our children to drink water to aid learning. Fizzies and fruit juice are NOT permitted.

TAKEAWAYS are a luxury food and not encouraged at our school. We do not sell pies, pizza, fish n chips, flavoured milk or high energy food bars.

Breakfast Club

Is available for any child in the breakfast room at 8.00 – 8.30am. Whaea Sharlene is in charge of that.

Fruit in Schools

We receive free fruit twice a week and the options may include tomatoes and carrots. Each class receives a bucket of fruit a day. Any excess may be sent home at the end of the week.

Milk in Schools

Every day our children have a small carton of milk to drink. Again this is donated to our school through Fonterra.

Free Lunches

We are able to provide three nourishing lunches a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whaea Millie makes up a varied menu and that will include at least one hot meal. Children who may require lunch on the other two days just need to let Whaea Miro or their teacher know in the morning when they get to school, and Whaea Miro will make sure something is prepared for them.

Commissioner / Board of Trustees

Te Tiwha Puketapu is the Commissioner in our school and fulfills the role of the Board of Trustees at this time. Feel free to contact Te Tiwha via

School Policies

These are available on our website, for your perusal at any time. A hard copy is also held at the school office. School policies provide guidelines to help us manage the school on your behalf.

School News, Events

We have a weekly newsletter that goes out in hardcopy or on-line on Thursday afternoon. We have a Facebook site that is administered by Whaea Miro and comments are monitored and edited to ensure that content is appropriate. If you have an email address, the newsletter can be sent directly to your home. Let Whaea Miro know.

Reporting to Parents

Three times a year. This is a time to share information, find out how your child is progressing and how we can work together to accelerate achievement for each and every child. We appreciate hearing feedback on what you and your child think about the learning that is happening in the school and how we can be more effective.

1st Report: face to face informal meeting

2nd Report: written progress report in plain language

Final report: reporting to you on your child’s progress for the year

Open Door Policy

We welcome your visit at any time to observe in classrooms, you just need to let us know when you are coming in. If you have a matter that you would like to discuss with the teacher, (preferably before or after school) please contact the teacher or the principal and we can arrange that.

Signing in

At any time you visit in the school to drop something off to your child etc, you must sign in at the office. For YOUR child’s safety, we need to know when adults are in our school buildings, the purpose and for how long. Please help us to keep your children safe.

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