I Want to be a Scientist by Andvari Kirk-Masters

I want to be a scientist because it is awesome.   You  can make potions when you are a scientist.   It is cool being a scientist because sometimes when you make potions you can get special [...]

By |1st March 2018|Rangituhi|1 Comment

My Mum by Levatican Meka Vaa’sua

My Mum is 40 years old. My Mum likes netball. My Mum's name is Linda. My Mum comes from Samoa. My Mum has to clean up the sitting room, because my little brother makes messes.  [...]

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Water is Good by Joel Mathews-Pulman

Water is good for you because it's hydrating and we use it for a swim in the pool .  Hydrating means, water keeps you cool so you can stay alive.  We use it for a [...]

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“Ko Au” Me by Sidney Nepia

Kiaorana my name is Sidney.  I have brown hair and really dark eyes. Ko Hikurangi te maunga Ko Waiapu te awa Ko Horouta te waka Ko Rongomatane te hapu Ko Ngati Porou te iwi I [...]

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Cyclone by Vaisioa Mauga

There is a earthquake in Samoa and Tonga.   There is a storm in Tuvalu and there is a flood.   There is a really strong wind.   I am afraid of the earthquake and my family is [...]

By |27th February 2018|Rangituhi|3 Comments

The Duffy Show by Laasaga Tinielu

At the Duffy Show we were laughing about the bullying.   It was about reading and bullying.   It was fun, but bullying is not good or nice.   The Duffy people  were acting, so we don't bully.  It [...]

By |27th February 2018|Rangituhi|1 Comment

My Apple by JR Piripi-Wineera

My apple is red and yellow. It is round. My apple is hard. 26 February 2018

By |27th February 2018|Rangituhi|1 Comment

Where I Live by Pounamu Ruakana Clark

I live in Waitangirua and my house is in Kōkiri Crescent.   I live by the Mall.   My school is Natone Park School and my friends at school are Laasaga, Mere, Vai and Jean.  I live [...]

By |27th February 2018|Rangituhi|1 Comment

I Want to be a Rockstar by Merearihi Gardiner Elizabeth Piata

I want to be a Rockstar singing loud and clear.   Poparocksee look pretty and good.  I would dance and be famous all around the globe. But my favourtie song is Titanium.  I want to be [...]

By |27th February 2018|Rangituhi|1 Comment

Cyclone Gita by Henry Tanuvasa

   The wind is bad in Samoa and the flood is making kids and people sick.  Two houses are breaking.   It is scarey.   I hope my family is safe. 12 February 2018

By |27th February 2018|Rangituhi|1 Comment
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