The Auschwitz camp was first built to keep political prisoners.  But as racism hit the Jews, a lot of little children had died meaning there were more children than adults. The children of Auschwitz were [...]

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The Haunt

Crrrrrrrrrr... "John, Wake up!" says Blair. "What?" shouts John. "I hear something." whispers Blair. "There's nothing." says John. - John gets up and walks towards the door- Crrrrrrr... "John be careful!" Blair whispers. John opens [...]

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1.5 million children

       Imagine if you were a child in a killing centre You are Jewish and the Germans hate you. You're getting kicked out out of school your parents are losing their jobs and [...]

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In the world there is persecution.   "Persecution means hassling or singling out a person or group because of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or social status".  People,  we should stop persecution.  If you are [...]

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Ngā Haerenga ki Te Taone

Tomorrow we are going to Wellington to visit two special places, as part of our Social Sciences Unit, "Ko Wai Au".   We have two achievement objectives: To understand how people pass on and sustain [...]

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One day I decided to pull a prank on my sisters. It was to put hot chili on a pizza. So, I was on a bike riding down to hospital while my sisters were in [...]

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The Bike Accident

During the holidays, while eating my delicious "Hot spicy pizza" in the car, all of my attention goes to a man riding his bike through the streets of Porirua. As I see him make an [...]

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