Wiki 2, Wāhanga 1 2019, Pānui, Natone Park School

Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua From small beginnings come great things Week 2 Term 1                        ursday 8th February 2019     [...]

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The Hospital Visit

I decided to go to the doctor because you see, I believe I had a viral infection.   I jumped on my bike and flew high in the air!   Some idiot had stolen my [...]

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We talked about examples of  propaganda and how it could affect people.   One example, was the Nazi uniform. This was designed to frighten people with it's dark colour, silver trim, red swastika armband and the skull [...]

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Barbed Wire

This modern sculpture really made me think. It was displayed in the children's section and it depicts a really graphic image of a child's shoe, wrapped in barbed wire, on a plinth.   At the [...]

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Ngā Haerenga ki Te Taone

Tomorrow we are going to Wellington to visit two special places, as part of our Social Sciences Unit, "Ko Wai Au".   We have two achievement objectives: To understand how people pass on and sustain [...]

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