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Super Twins

Super Twins Once there lived two super live-saving twins. Their names were Tai and Ky. As they grew older, and older they were living a horrible life, with no parents, no food, no clothes and [...]

By |31st January 2018|Classes, Ngake|0 Comments

Horrible People

  A little Jewish girl and her family are waiting in line to get a visa to escape to another country. They are trying to escape from getting killed.  Adolf Hitler has sent killer squads [...]

By |7th November 2017|Ngake|1 Comment

A Breathtaking day

As I was walking to the hospital for a visit I walked past a smell of hot spicy pizza. So I decided to follow the smell of the hot spicy pizza. I took a foot [...]

By |7th November 2017|Ngake|1 Comment