Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua

From small beginnings come great things

Week 2 Term 3                         Friday 2nd August 2019                                       School Roll: 103



All the students have having a blast learning more and more about different cultural performing Arts. Here’s a photo of Whataitai making the most of their time with Whaea Oriwa.







As we continue to have wet conditions at school please be reminded that some of the smaller children might need a change of clothing in their bags as this week a number of children have fallen in the mud.  We do not carry many spare clothes and they are not being returned to school to help other children.  If you have spare pants to offer for these sorts of accidents please send them to the office.


Last term we have had to deal with vandalism during school hours and this has not been very fair on the school and other students.  I would like to thank the whanau who have taken ownership for their children’s behaviour and paid reparation for the damage caused.  However I would still like to hear from one family to share their costs.  Please come and see me at the office.


As the senior students wind down their sessions with Rangataua Mauriora and the WaiTECH Waka Ama programme we would like to thank the whanau for their support in allowing your children to participate in such an uplifting programme offered for free to our students.


Nextweek  students from Whataitai and Ngake will be participating in helping to beautify the newly developed pathways at Bothamley Park on August 6 and 7 in the afternoons.  We will be planting native bush and are looking for parent help.  If you are available 12 and 2.30pm on these days please see Whaea Ria.  Your help will be gratefully accepted..  We cannot continue our programme to contribute to the community without adult support.


Our Junior students will be taking part in a 3 day programme with Zealandia. They get to participate in in-school activities which are held on the 6th & 9th of August as well as visit the complex in Karori free of charge on the 16th of August. The children get to identify and view some of New Zealand’s endangered native specials and even handle to creatures and learn about their habitats.  The only issue we have is having the correct adult to children ratios for this event to happen.  If you have interested can you please contact Whaea Fiona.

All Junior students have been given a permission slip to be signed and returned to the office.


Once again the school will be holding their Mini Gala in Week 5 of this term so watch this space.  We have found this event an opportunity to mix and mingle with our growing whanau and it is great to see the parents come and share with the students.


During the middle of Term 2 we were visited by the Education Review Office.  We have since had our progress report sent to us which the staff have looked at and we will be sharing this at our next Whanau Hui (date to be confirmed).  If you are interested in coming to view this please make contact with Whaea Ria at the office.


Natone Park School is very interested in making some garden beds at the back of our school.  I would like to set up a working bee when the weather is a little more kinder to us so that the children can grow some vegetables again.  If you have time to come and share your skills please let us know at the office.  All help gratefully accepted.


Unfortunately there will not be any sports being held this term at Te Rauparaha Arena for Natone Park School as we are left with a bill to pay for students who did not clear their share of the fees.  If you are one of the whanau that we have not heard from please make your payment for your child/ren with Whaea Miro so that we can pick this activity up again.


3rd August – Junior Netball @ 1.40pm

Senior Netball @ 10.50am

Please arrive at the courts 45 minutes before the game starts.

5th August, Monday – 4.55pm

7th August, Wednesday – Senior Basketball @ 5.00pm


The Senior students continue to play Netball on the weekends, Basketball during midweek and Soccer on a Tuesday afternoon.  We thank you for your support and know that our children represent our school with pride.


Wesley is holding sessions for children to learn to cook after school.  These sessions are limited and cost nothing yet the numbers are limited.  If you would like you child/ren to participate please ask for a registration form at the office.


As we move into the warmer weather we are hoping to have more attendance by our families at our Whanau Hui.  We hold them in the afternoon at 5pm for 1 hour at the most and like to share some of the events that are happening here at school.  We are also looking for people who are interested in representing us on our Board of Trustees.  If you are interested we would love for you to come and have a talk at the office with either Whaea Miro or any of the teachers. It would be great to have you on board.


Each norming from 8.55 to 9.15-ish we have dancing with our students.  These are modern songs played on the big screen where the children learn steps to help improve their fitness levels.  If you are game enough to come along or stay when you drop your child/ren off you are more than welcome to join in.  We would love to have you with us.  We are inviting Te Toka Ahuru Kohanga Reo and BestStart Waitangirua Kindergarten to bring some of their children along too. Don’t be shy.  Come and let your hair down and show us some of your moves. It was so awesome having BestStart join us this morning, We are looking forward to the next one.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have our lovely Whaea Millie cook all our children a warm kai for lunch.  If you would like to help come along from 10am to prep the food and serve it out.  You know the saying ‘more hands make light work’. This venture has been provided to help feed our children and keep them warm.  Unfortunately lately we have had a few lunches stolen from childrens bags and this is not good.  We hope that if children don’t have food that they are brave enough to tell a teacher.  We will endeavour to make a snadwich for them.


Last term we organised for Parent Teacher Interviews to take place.  If you child/ren have not received their school report please make contact with their teacher and have a conversation around achievement.  We like to keep you informed.  If you child’s teacher has not made contact with you please come in a see them.  It is important to us that you know what is going on.


It is not the time for you to start making a choice about where your Year 8 child will be attending school next year.  To save you the embarrassment of missing out on a good class please make arrangements with your college of choice or come and have a conversation with Whaea Ria.


Fire and Emergency New Zealand are offering free visits to your home to help people make their homes fire safe for them and their families. They are available to provide free information, can help install and test smoke alarms, or provide a free smoke alarm to those who are eligible.

For more information or to book a free visit, contact your local fire station or email FENZwellington@fireandemergency.nz


5th August – Vision & Hearing screening for new entrants

16th  August Zealandia Trip

12th August – Primary School Leadership Awards

13th August Commissioner in School