Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua

From small beginnings come great things

Week 8 Term 1                     Thursday 21st March  2019                School Roll: 86



We would like to acknowledge and send our deepest sympathies to those whanau that are affected by the events that took place last week.  We understand that the children are talking and asking questions and we are making every effort to support our students in a responsible manners under the supervision, guidance and support of the Ministry of Education. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us if you need.


This is a panui to let you know that our School Charter, Strategic Plan and Annual Plan is complete and available to be viewed in the school reception area.  Please feel free to browse.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the staff.


We are now having regular visitors to our school regarding the replacement of the old windows for new aluminium ones. As the holidays are nearing the preparation of the work to be carried out are more regular.  We will keep you up to date with the process.


It has been a delight to see our children actively walking, moving on wheels to school every morning and afternoon.  Thank you for your support in dropping your children off so they can journey the last 50 metres to the school gate.  We appreciate the support.  We would like to congratulate all the children that have received awards for filling their cards.


These begin in two weeks and I know that the children are keen as we already have students bringing their togs to school.  Please make sure that all payments are made to the office. Don’t forget $15 each for two weeks lessons.


Thanks to all the whanau for returning their monies to the office.  We only have 3 families who we need to follow up with.  It was great to see the response from those that received their reminder letters.  This will help to pay off some of the swimming fees for your child/ren.


There will be a concert that the senior school in Y5-8 will be attending at the Michael Fowler centre on Monday 25 March between 9am and 1pm.  If you wish to come along as a parent helper please let us know at the office.  All children will need to be at school on time for the bus which will leave at 9am sharp.


Two teachers will be attending a tour to learn Ngati Toa local history.  This will help us to teach accurately for our local curriculum studies on Navigators and Explorers this year. Two more teachers will attend another hui at a later date.


It has been announced that we will be training and seeking advice on appointing a Board of Trustees in the near future and are therefore holding training sessions with a member of the NZSTA to introduce the responsibilities required.  If you are interested please let us know.  We are keen to open these discussions to our local community.


It has come to our attention that our absence rate is climbing and therefore we have been directed to send out letters to whanau regarding percentages of attendance.  We are part of the RAAYs process and this is the follow up procedure for students who have a low percentage of attendance at school. I have sent out notices to families and await your attention as contact details have not been updated.  If you need to know more or to discuss this further please contact me at the office.


Last year we held a literacy programme with Whaea Suman, to assist our junior students with literacy.  We will be commencing these sessions again in Term 2.  Whaea Sharlene will be helping us out with the same outlay.  We would like to make contact with the parents again to support working at home for your child’s learning.  We will keep you up to date.


We would like to thank Whaea Sdef for coming to school to help make the lunches for our students three times a week.  Today was her last day so that she can attend her studies.  We wish her well in her final year.  We would like to thank and welcome Whaea Te Rau Oriwa who is a new parent of our latest enrolment, Dallas, a student in Pukerau.  Due to availability our lunch days will now change to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Parents please note the change of days.


On Saturday 16 March at 11am Mike Tana, the Porirua Mayor, opened the new playground at Porirua City Centre with the support of a representative from each school in the Porirua region.  Natone Park School sent along Ianeta Tinielu.  Her job was to stand beside the Mayor as he gave his speech and then to help give our the celebration cake.  Thank you to the Tinielu whanau for agreeing to have Ianeta represent us.  We are proud.










Netball practises have been held on Tuesday afternoons with a good amount of players.  Thank you to all the whanau for your support in letting your child/ren stay on until 4pm.


Yesterday was our last session with the students from the Ole Soccer Academy.  We would like to thank them for their time shared with our students to teach soccer skills and activities.  Their next step is to hold a soccer tournament at Cannons Creek Park next term.  This will be an event held in the evenings during the week.  A panui will come out next week.









I have been in touch with a number of agencies to ask if they would consider holding after school care.  This has been the result of inquiries from parents at our school.  I will keep you up to date with what is on offer as it comes to hand.


Next terms studies are currently underway to prepare for our students.  We will be researching Tangata Rongonui, our local heroes,  As the students have been learning about and sharing ‘Our journey’ we now link this to the next topic.  The students are enjoying their


Our students have been blessed with commencement of our Cultural Awareness programme which will start in Term 2 on Fridays under the tutelage of Whaea Te Rau Oriwa. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge about performing arts and has worked with our children before.  Each class will have a 40 min block to learn as many songs and games of as many cultures as possible.  If you are able to help, contribute songs or activities or can share please contact us at school.  We want to do this properly.


Tomorrow we will be holding our monthly wheels day and coincide this with the National Colour Day to support those affected by the Christchurch tragedy.  We will be collecting gold coin donations that the students would like to send to Christchurch to show our support from Natone Park School.  Please support us so our children can do their thing to support them. We will be setting up a track for the bikes, with helmets,  in the back carpark and the scooters and skateboarders can stay inside the school boundaries.


f you have any spare plastic bags at home can you please send them to school with your child. We have run out and need these to bag up kai for kids to take home

Here we have some photos of what’s been happening at our school



  • 22/03 Color your Day
  • 23/03 Connect Youth Festival (Waitangirua Mall)
  • 25/03 Rangituhi,Whataitai & Ngake trip to Michael Fowler Centre
  • 01/04 – 11/04  Swimming @ Cannons Creek pool
  • 04/04  Duffy Role Model Assembly