Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua

From small beginnings come great things

Week 7 Term 1    Friday 15th March  2019         School Roll: 87


On Wednesday night we had our Natone Park School Whanau Hui.  A great big thank you to all who attended.  We appreciate your support as we move into the next stages of our journey.  We hope that more parents/whanau will be available for next hui as we are going to be conducting a parent survey to see what is in store for 2019.


Are you passionate about the education of our children?  Would you like to have a say?  Would you like to learn about being a parent advisor at Natone Park School?  Do you have some beneficial changes in mind for our tamariki?  Come along and listen in to the meeting And If you would like to join our Whanau Advisory Group or even just attend our meetings can you please get in contact with Miro in the office so we can accomodate our meeting times to you, we warmly wlelcome anyone that would like to join, once I have heard from whanau then we can send out a Panui for our meeting dates and any change of times.


We would like to welcome Dallas and Tiare Walters to Natone Park School.  They have blended in well with the class friends and enjoy participating in the activities going on.










We have completed our School Charter, Strategic and Annual Plan which is available to be viewed at the office.  Please feel welcome to come in and have a look.


Last week Natone Park School went on our day out to H2o Extreme at Upper Hutt Swimming Pools.  What an exciting day the students had.  We would like to thank the parents for coming to support us all.  It was also lovely to hear the complements from the public regarding the good behaviour displayed by the children.  An asset to our kura.


We are going to celebrate Wheels Next Friday 22nd March. I know the children have been hanging out for this day.  We will be having it once a month while we can. That means they can bring their scooter, skateboard or bike (wearing a helmet). We will have a track set up for the children at lunch time.


Swimming Lessons will commence on Monday !st April and will continue everyday except for Fridays until 11th April. We have two weeks left for us to get our swimming lessons paid for.  Can you please make payments to the school office if you have not already done so. Reminder it is $15 per child. The children are already bringing their togs to school after having such a good trip last week. We would like you to remind them it is not time yet.


Netball practises will be Tuesday after school till 4pm and lunch times on Fridays.  The children are getting excited about attending the fun filled netball drills.


We are glad to announce that once again we have another visitor from Duffy Books who will be working closely with staff.  We will be having Chris Lam-Sam on Thursday 4 April at 9.30am.


We have had our order of sports gear purchased and delivered to school.  Our students are able to enjoy a variety of play equipment for Lunchtime.  Have a look at the photos’ on the back of the newsletter.







Thank you to those who ring in to the office to let us know that your child will be absent.  We have sent in the numbers of pupils and regular attenders at Natone Park School.  Please continue to send your children to school on a regular basis.  They cannot learn if they are not present.


We have just about completed our second week of  MOVINMarch.  It is great to see the number of pupils who are actively involved in taking part in the exercise, biking, scootering and skateboarding.  Just a reminder that if your child is riding their bike to school they MUST wear a helmet.  Thank you for your support.


On Monday March 18 school will finish at 2pm as the teachers will be attending a Stop Work Meeting at 1.30pm. Whaea Ria will be looking after the children until the bell rings at 2pm. Please make sure that you are on time to pick them up.


Next week is our last week with Ole Soccer Academy. We would like to thank them for the time spent teaching our students skills and strategies for game play. They have offered to take our students for a mini tournament which is currently being arranged with Whaea Ruu.


The school has received a panui that this will be on offer from Monday 15/4 – Thursday 18/4/19 at a cost of $10 per person per day Parents will be required to drop children off to Petone each day. This is a very popular programme. .If you wish to know more, come and see Whaea Ria..


Another panui that we have received is that there will be Basketball hui for Y4-8 competing with teams from Hawaii and Australia. This is a comp held outside of school and is run by Basketball coaches from Wellington. If you wish to know more, come and see Whaea Ria..


Our cricket tournament was cancelled due to the rain. We are looking forward to the next inter-school sports interaction.


We are currently preparing for our rotten windows to be replaced with new aluminium ones. The work will commence in the beginning of the school holidays and we are hoping to have them completed in the two week break. If not, there will be minimal disruption caused to the students as the builders finish the project.


We would like to thank Whaea Sdef for coming in to help cook the lunches for our students. It will be her last week next week as she is leaving to complete her Teacher studies in her final year. In her place we would like to welcome Whaea Oriwa who is our new entrant, Dallas’s mum.


Ngake students have been learning violin, for free, at school on Friday from 12-1pm. They are learning a range of songs to play to the school at the end of this term. We are also looking for a piano tutor to open up for the other students at our kura. If you are available please let us know.


We would like to advise our Whanau that Ianeta Tinielu has been appointed the Waitangirua Village representative to assist the Mayor Mike Tana in the opening of the new Porirua City Centre Playground on Saturday 16 March at 11am. If you are available come along and celebrate with us.


If you have any spare plastic bags at home can you please send them to school with your child. We have run out and need these to bag up kai for kids to take home.


We currently have Bee Healthy Van in school. So far they have been happy with our children’s teeth. Please keep an eye out for a panui sent home incase your child has been refered to the Brandon Dental Hub for further treatment.


• 18/03 – School closes at 2pm on Monday for Stop Work Meeting.
• 14/04 – 22/04 March Dental Van
• 22/03 Wheels Day
• 01/04 – 11/04 Swimming @ Cannons Creek pool
• 04/04 Duffy Role Model Assembly