Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua
From small beginnings come great things

Week 1 Term 1              Thursday 31st January 2019               School Roll: 91

Welcome back
A big welcome to all our new students and returning students. Natone Park School commenced on Monday January 28 with quite a few absences but we are starting to get our colour back and are filling more seats in classrooms.

We hope everyone is well rested and ready to learn. Please make sure that your child/ren have regular attendance at school. If they are not at school they are not learning. This makes it harder for the teacher to catch them up. We appreciate your support.

If your child is absent from school please ring the office on 04 235 8248 and let Whaea Miro know. We are becoming more aware of patterns in children’s absences.

At Natone Park School there is and always has been a zero tolerance to bullying. The teachers have discussed some behaviour issues to be aware of and have devised a plan to follow so that all, at Natone Park School, know the consequences. We know that whanau/parents and caregivers will support so that we have consistency.

You can obtain a stationery list from the office. All students were given their classroom stationery lists to take home on Tuesday. If you need another copy please ask your child/ren to get one from the classroom. We would really appreciate that you get the basic necessities to start work in books next week. If need be, come and see me if you are having difficulties.

Our school swimming programme will be starting in Week 9. The children have been advised to bring $2 to school each week so that their swimming lessons can be paid off by time we start our programme. The costs will be: $18 for one child, $24 for 2 children & $30 for 3 or more children in the same family(Siblings).

Whakawhanaunga Day
We are hoping to be travelling to Waikanae Pool for our Annual Whanau Picnic Day on Friday March 15 from 9-3pm. Watch this space as we confirm costings and secure our date.

Unfortunately with the heavy costs of getting to and from Matatini we will not be taking any students to the concert this year.

Waitangi Day
School will be closed for Waitangi Day on Wednesday 6 February 2019. Please ensure all children return to school on Thursday.

Topic Studies
This year our overarching topic studies will be based on Navigators and Explorers. This term we are looking at ‘Our Journey’ and discussing where we are from, who we are and what our intended journey will be.

Whaea Grace
Grace Hartley has left our school and will be working with the Ministry of Education for Term 1. We wish her well on her secondment and know that she will be visiting often to keep in touch.

Mini Gala
We will be holding a Mini Gala on Week 4 to help fundraise for the school swimming programme. If you have non perishable items for our Kai Basket Raffle we will be asking that students bring something along next week. Watch this space.

Energizer activities
For the next 4 consecutive Fridays we will be having Whaea Linda Vaua-Sua from The Heart Foundation coming in to take short sessions with our children on soccer skills, hockey skills, eating and Cross Country training.

Ole Soccer
We are so lucky to have Ole Soccer who will be in for 8 wks to train the students in soccer skills. Each class will have a 20 min session on Wednesdays and Thursday (for the Seniors). If you are interested in your child/ren joining Ole Soccer Academy you can ring the office for contact details.

YMCA Sports
The sports for the Junior after school Programme will be starting again soon. Please watch this space. All children will pay for the sports season before they take the court. If you have any queries please contact Whaea Ruu.

Watch this space. We will be having trials for students to represent Natone Park School at the Ngati Toa Netball Season.

A note to all parents that Natone Park School are on duty this season and will be helping to run the competition. If you have skills or time and want to help please come and see Whaea Ruu.

Whanau Hui
Our first Whanau Hui for the year will be in week 10. Wednesday 3rd April from 5.30pm – 6.30pm. Come on in and share with us your ideas. This is the time for your voice to be heard.

Farewell to our Y8 students of 2018

One of our groups of 2018 Y8 students have had their powhiri at Porirua College. We are lucky that Whaea Miro and Whaea Toa went along to support them. We wish them well as they move ahead with their studies.






Dates to remember:

• 6/02 Waitangi Day (School closed)
• 14/02 DMIC advisors in to watch Maths sessions
• 22/02 Mini Gala
• 15/03 Waikanae Pool (TBC)
• 1/04 Week 10 & 11 – Swimming programme commences Mini Gala