Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua

From small beginnings come great things

Week 8 Term 4                         Thursday 7 December 2018                        School Roll: 105


School will finish on Wednesday 12 December at 2pm.

The start date for 2019 is Monday January 28th at 8.45am.


On Monday 10 December we have invited the students and staff from Tairangi and Corinna schools to come and share an afternoon of activities.  We will be starting at 1 and finishing at 3pm.  If you have some spare time to come and mingle or help out we would appreciate it.  We will commence with singing a couple of xmas carols and then get into the business of playing games.  We hope you can come along and be with us.


Unfortunately our Regionals Athletics Day was postponed due to bad weather and then the postponement date was cancelled due to lots of schools pulling out.  We would still like to acknowledge our athletes: Rosailelah Va’aua Sua, Veight Enoka Bush, Sio Muaiava, Mohamad Shagouri and Juleean Taufao.  We appreciate your commitment to the school.  A big thank you to Whaea Linda Va’aua Sua for assisting with the organisation and transportation.


Our school has some extra left over frozen packs of food.  If you are interested please please please come and see us at the office.  We need for someone to come and take it home.  These are the packs that we prepare for the children during our cooked lunch days.  We would hate to see it go to waste.


We have a list of stationery that will be displayed on the office windows for 2019.  Planning for 2019 has commenced and we are just about ready to roll for the New Year.  If you wish to buy books during the sales please take a look on the windows.


This will be our final gathering which will commence at 11.30am on Wednesday 12 December.  If you are available please come along and celebrate with the hardworking students of 2018.  Pukerau, Whitireia and Rangituhi students will also be presenting a little surprise performance.


Our school has previously been a target from children/strangers loitering around our property.  Please, if you see suspicious behaviour call the police.  We have had to repair too much damage to the school in and out of the buildings.  Support our kids and look out for our kura please.  Even if you just do a drive by around the mall to check on the school.  We appreciate every little bit you do to help.


Sadly we have had to get rid of the school van.  It is currently based at Turners auction in Porirua – 9 John Seddon Drive Elsdon ready to be sold on Thursday 13th December at 5pm. .  If you are interested the starting price for bidding is around  $2500-$3000.


If you wish to purchase a Chromebook for your child/ren in the New Year we will have an evening presentation early in the first term from the organisers at Te Mana o Kupe.


Today the students from Pukerau and Whitireia were presented with certificates.  Mike Tana, our Porirua Mayor was in attendance to present certificates to each of our successful junior students.  With the high interest and presence of supporting whanau we are hoping to continue to run our course again in the new year.  Watch this space.






Between 9am and 12 noon we are having a working bee.  We seriously need to remove a pohutukawa tree from the property but before this can happen we need to dismantle the wooden surroundings and remove the dirt around the base of the tree before we can get the professionals in to cut the tree down and treat the roots which are uplifting our tarseal.  Too many of the children have been tripping over the cracked tarseal and we need to repair it for the safety of our students.  Your help will be greatly appreciate.  All you need is a shovel and some time.  With lots of people we should be able to remove the dirt in an hour. This would be an awesome time to bond with other parents.  There will be a sausage sizzle after the work is completed.


Our school facebook site is a place where we can keep in touch with our parents.  Unfortunately there are still those out there that think that it is a place to post negative comments.  We would appreciate your support by supporting Our school and celebrating the positive activities, comments and photographs of our children and staff.  We work so hard to make it a welcoming and safe place and we have so many visitors who come in and  love what the see and feel.  We want this for our facebook page too. If you are not a member of this page please search for Natone Park School 2018 and add yourself and The Admin will accept the request.


As we are getting really close to the end of year organisation I would like to thank all the whanau and friends for your support over the 3 terms that I have been in office.  I would especially like to thank my students who have had to endure me not being in class, sharing my time with other people and visiting groups and also trying really hard to hold the fort in my absence.  We have seen a number of students come and go to and from Natone Park School, the roll growth has been amazing showing the support from the community. Thank you to all the parents, caregivers and supporters who have come in to the school, shared and celebrated, been present in the school grounds or just offered to help because we have noticed.  As this is the last newsletter for the year, on behalf of the staff and myself, we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.


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