Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua
From small beginnings come great things

         Week 5 Term 4                                                                    Thursday 15 November 2018                                               School Roll: 106


The school will be closed for instruction tomorrow Friday November 16th for the whole day. We would appreciate that you make arrangements for your child/ren to be looked after for the day so that the staff can go about their business.
Following strike action in August, and extensive negotiations, the Ministry of Education made second offers to both primary teachers and principals. Members resoundingly voted to reject these offers. Members have voted to hold a week of rolling one-day strikes from 12 – 16 November. Wellington will be the last region to hold strikes for this week.


The team from Te Papa are coming to Rangituhi on Monday 26 and Wednesday 28. The students are looking forward to learning about how to control the remote robots and working with making programmes to create cartoons.


At Natone Park School we are sponsored food by KCA to cook our students lunches, free of charge. We are looking at healthier options rather than buying pies and sweet drinks. We have parents that volunteer their time and are very grateful. Kai is cooked every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you wish to come along and help in the new year please come and let us know.


At Natone Park School the government provides fruit and milk with supplies for students each day. Children are able to help themselves to the supplies in each classroom which are delivered by Whaea Sharlene before she commences work.


Breakfast has been provided everyday for the last 6 years at Natone Park School. This has become very popular. The children know that the Whare Kai is open at 8am and closes at 8.30 to prepare for school.
Our school bell goes at 8.45am so that we can get an early start to the day. We appreciate families who send their children to school early so that they can have a catch up with their friends before they settle down to work. The end of the day finishes at 2.45pm. Please make sure your children either leave on time or are collected promptly.


Yesterday Dino came along to our school and shared some ideas about writing with Whataitai students and then presented the whole school with a show. We appreciate the people that come and share their talents.


Our 5 successful students are currently training up to go and represent Natone Park School at the Inter School Regional Athletics competition in Otaki on December 4. We would like to congratulate and wish the athlete well. They are: Rosailelah Vaua Sua, Veight Enoka Poko, Juleean Taufao, Mohamad Shagouri and Emosi Matini.


We are currently preparing for the School Prize Giving which will be held at 11.30am on Wednesday 12th December. Please put this important date in your diary and come along and celebrate.


Wow! All the junior students went to see what happens and who or what is at Zealandia. They came back ecstatic. All the children learned about either our native birds, animals or flora and fauna. This trip was sponsored.




Teachers are very busy writing school reports which will be given out in 3 weeks time. The reports will be informing whanau how their child/ren have performed in the 2nd half of the year.


The students in Ngake will be out selling Chocolates to fundraise and pay for some of the activities that they will be taking part in. One of the events which is coming up will be the presentation to the Wellington City Council next week about the stream clean up that they have been part of over the year. This will be on November 22 at Whitireia Polytech.


Our next Whanau Hui will be held on Wednesday 28 November in the Wharehui at 5.30pm. We welcome one and all. Please come along and hear what the school has been planning. We will have presentations from the Whanau Advisory Group and hearing the results of the Parent Survey and next steps for planning moving forward.


On Saturday 8 December we will be holding a working bee at school between 9-12 noon. We need to prepare and clear an area of dirt and tarseal to have workers access one of our Pohutukawa trees. Unfortunately the roots of the tree are starting to raise and crack the tarseal and a number of students have fallen over this area. We would appreciate your help especially if you can operate a little digger. Bring along your shovels and wheelbarrows. Come and share a cuppa and sausage sizzle.


Have you got a bike that needs fixing so that your child can ride it more often? Bring it along to Natone Park School on Saturday 24 November at 11am. We have a team who want to see childrens’ bikes being used more often. It would be great to see more students coming to school on their bikes and enjoying riding with their friends.


The playground area has had, not one – but two loads of bark spread across the ground for safety. Over the winter period the bark was broken down and worn away by the wet weather. The senior students had great delight in helping Matua Meka to spread the bark evenly across the area for the juniors to support their landing when jumping down and running around and also covering the puddles.


Next Wednesday we are having a sausage sizzle. They will be served at lunch time. The cost will be $2.50. Please make all payments to the office.


A Ki o Rahi tournament will be held at Onepoto Park on Friday 23 November between 9-12pm. The Year 7-8 will be representing Natone Park School. All the other students have been playing Ki o Rahi with the Energize Team at school and have been having lots of fun.


Linda Sua is one of our parents that has offered her time to take a Hula session for fitness, exercise or enjoyment. This is available at 6pm for the next 3 Mondays in the Natone Park School Wharehui. If you have a small group of friends that would enjoy a fun way to meet together. Come one, come all.


Here are some energize nuggets for Whanau to use at home provided from our Team Energize – Energizer | Heart Foundation.





Dates to remember

• 16/11 Teacher Strike Day
• 19/11 Hula Fix 6pm
• 23/11 Ki o Rahi Tournament 9-12.30
• 24/11 Special Bike day
• 8/12 Working Bee at Natone Park School 9-12pm
• 10/12 Christmas fun day
• 12/12 Ra Whakanui Day 11.30am