Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua

From small beginnings come great things


Week 4 Term 4                           Thursday 8 November 2018                 School Roll: 106



Natone Park School has a literacy programme which started in Week 1 of the term to support our Junior students and their whanau.  We would like to thank the parents and caregivers for their positive response to Whaea Suman and her communication with you all.


The school will be closed for instruction on Friday November 16th  for the whole day ( next week). We would appreciate that you make arrangements for your child/ren to be looked after for the day so that the staff can go about their business.

Following strike action in August, and extensive negotiations, the Ministry of Education made second offers to both primary teachers and principals. Members resoundingly voted to reject these offers.Members have now voted to hold a week of rolling one-day strikes from 12 – 16 November.


Our Natone Park School Athletics team performed well yesterday with 100% of the participants being selected to represent at the Regional Athletics in Otaki on Tuesday December 4 this year.  We would like to congratulate Emosi Matini, Juleean Taufao, Mohamad Shagouri, Rosailelah Vaua-Sua and Veight Enoka Poko. Congratulations to you all.


Linda Sua is one of our parents that has offered her time to take a Hula session for fitness, exercise or enjoyment.  This is available at 6pm for the next 4 Mondays in the Natone Park School Wharehui. If you have a small group of friends that would enjoy a fun way to meet together. Come one, come all.


On Saturday the 24th of November our school is lucky enough to host Rebicycle Wellington. Bring your children down with their bikes for a fun day and if your childs bike is broken Rebicycle Wellington  will fix it for free, whats even better about this special day is if your child doesn’t have a bike they can still join in on the fun because ReBicycle will bring some bikes of their own for the kids to ride on the day. Watch this space…….


Natone Park School has visitors from the DMIC Maths team coming in to see how our Maths programmes are going.  The children like having these people in to show us how much fun maths can be.


We have had a few requests for children to go to the shops to buy their lunch.  At Natone Park School we provide lunches for a healthier option on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week.  We would like to thank Whaea Steph for coming in to cook this term. If you are interested in coming in next year please let us know at the office.


During the holiday period we had a spate of vandalism to the administration area of the school.  We would like to report back that the culprit has come to visit with their whanau, school staff and other agencies to apologise and make reparation for the damage caused.


On Monday 10 December Natone Park School will be inviting Tairangi School and Corinna School students to come and have a fun day to celebrate 2018.  This will take place at 1-3pm on the school grounds, at the back of the mall and on Natone Park with fun filled activities, sports games, relays and Christmas Carols.  Watch this space for more information as we prepare for the event.


Planning for 2019 is underway.  We are going to be focussing on Navigators and Explorers with a focus for each term.  In Term 1 we will introduce the kaupapa and research the journey. In Term 2 we will be studying Tangata Rongonui.  Term 3 will be a Digital Technology focus and Term 4 will be investigating Native Plants. We welcome any information or suggestions that you have to share.


Our next Whanau Engagement Hui will be held on November 28. Please put this date aside and come and hear presentations about your child/ren’s school.  We appreciate the support that parents/caregivers have shown as we continue on our journey.


Every Tuesday we have access to a Community Nurse.  Bronwyn is available to support our students. If you have any queries we can arrange an appointment for you to see her.


Also on a Tuesday we have a Social Worker from Te Roopu Awhina that comes in to support our students and whanau.  If you are requiring advice or support please make an appointment at the office.


We have found that when trying to contact whanau that the contact numbers listed in our books are incorrect.  We would appreciate you updating your details for emergency situations.


Do you have or know of any students wanting to enrol for 2019?  Come and let us know at the office in preparation for the new year.


On Wednesday December 12 we will be having our Ra Whakanui Celebrations at 11.30am to end the year.  This will be the last day of school and will close at 2pm.


Year 5&6 is at 4.05pm versing Porirua Raptors, court 1 and Year 7&8 is at 4.30pm versing SDA Raptors, court 3. If you need to know the times for Miniball and Basketballs games it is up on our facebook page and website, but it you would like a paper copy you are welcome to come into the office and pick it up.

Dates to remember

  • 8/11     Zealandia Trip-Juniors/ DMIC visitors to school
  • 12/11   Hula fix 6pm
  • 14/11   Advisory Hui 1pm
  • 16/11  Teacher Strike Day
  • 24/11  Special Bike day
  • 10/12   Christmas fun day
  • 12/12   Ra Whakanui Day 11.30am