Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku to tuarua

From small beginnings come great things

Week 2 Term 4                           Friday 26th October 2018                 School Roll: 106

Art focus

This term the children are taking part in The Arts.  You will see a slow increase in displays in each classroom as they test their creative skills.  All the children are thoroughly enjoying this time. We are pleased with the production of skills and effort shared.

Regional Kapahaka

It has been noted in the feedback from parents that they want to see the children involved in more cultural activities.  The children have had the opportunity to attend the Wellington Regional Kapahaka Festival today at Te Rauparaha Arena. This event was enjoyed by all.

Hula Fix

On Monday evening at 6pm we have an excercise class called Hula Fix which will be led by Linda Vaaua Sua.  Please come along and support this initiative. We will be taking a gold coin donation at the door please. You will need to bring your lavalava and a bottle of water.

Digital Technology

The students in Ngake were visited by the Raranga Matahiko tutors to participate in Digital Technology activities such as monouvering robots, coding and scratch which are three types of programme being implemented in school across our Porirua East cluster.  The ladies asked if they could come back and visit a younger class so Rangituhi will have a visit on November 26 and 28 from 1pm. You are more than welcome to come along and have a look.

Whitireia Performing Arts

Natone Park School has been invited to the end of the year celebrations for the Whitireia Performing Arts group.  All students were given notices on Wednesday. We will be travelling to Wellington on Thursday November 1 at 11am and returning at 2pm.  If you are interested in coming please get in touch with the office asap. The cost is $12 per person.

Healthy Heroes

Our students will be completing their 9 week course this week.  Each person that fully completed the course will be presented with a T-shirt next Friday during school assembly at 2pm.  You are more than welcome to attend.


Unfortunately we have had to remind too many students about their behaviour this term.  I appreciate the parent response when I have spoken to whanau. Please speak with your children to check that they are concentrating on learning and teaching while at school and that if there is a problem to seek help and support from a teacher rather than take matters into their own hands.  We have also had a couple incidences where students have brought unwanted implements to school. Thank you again to the parents for supporting our concerns.

Shake Out Drill

I must say, the outcome of the National Shake Out Drill at Natone Park School was attending to 100% participation.  I commend all the students and staff of Natone Park School for their efforts. I know we will be safe in an emergency.

eAsTTle Writing Samples

Last term we carried out writing samples for the children to measure where they stand in achievement levels.  The results of this will be commented on in the school reports which will be delivered before the end of term.  If you wish to talk with your child’s teacher regarding your child’s results please make an appointment.

ERO visit

Next week we will be welcoming back the ERO team to look at our school’s progress.  We will be reporting back findings for Terms 2 and 3 and having discussions around next steps for 2019.

Year 8’s

All students are now enrolled into colleges for 2019 and we look forward to arranging class lists for Natone Park School.

Zealandia Trip

The junior school will be going to visit Zealandia on Thursday 8th November from 11am – 2.15pm.

Mini Ball

Years 1&2 (Natone Pukerau) first game is next Monday at Te Rauparaha Arena @ 5.20pm, they will be on Court 2a versing Papakowhai Yellow.

Years 3&4 (Natone Rangituhi) first game is next Monday at Te Rauparaha Arena @ 4.30pm, they will be playinging on Court 3a versing Plimmerton Magic.

A draw will be sent home along with this newsletter. Please keep it in a safe place.


Years 5&6 (Natone Whataitai) first game is next thursday @ Te Rauparaha Arena @ 4.55pm, Court 2 versing SDA Eagles.

Years 7&8 (Natone Ngake) first game is next Thursday @ 4.05pm, Court 3, versing Papakowhai Black.

Miniball and Basketball

Thankyou to all those parents who have sent back permission slips and have paid. Could all those who are interested in playing please send back their permission slips and make payment at the office asap so we finalise all the teams thankyou.

School photographs

All photographs for class, individual and whanau portraits have been sent out to their prospective owners.

If you are interested in purchasing a sports team photo for $15 please make you order at the school office.

DATES to remember:

  • 29/10  School Atheletics-All day
  • 31/10  ERO visit
  • 1/11    Whitireia Performing Art School Trip
  • 7/11     InterSchool Atheletics
  • 8/11     Zealandia Trip-Juniors
  • 14/11   Advisory Hui 1pm