Ko te Ramere 19 o Whiringa-a-Nuku  2018                             Friday 19 October 2018                     School Roll: 105

Welcome back!!!

Hoping that everyone has had an awesome break. We are into it again.  Lovely to see all the children back safe and sound. It is a short term of 9 weeks and so we have to squeeze in as many exciting activities as possible.

Healthy Heroes

We are into the second to last week of the Healthy Heroes programme.  All students are finalising and completing their Goals book. Presentations to the successful participants will be made next friday at School Assembly at 2pm.


The YMCA group from Wellington has invited our school to participate in the Basketball Competition held at the Te Rauparaha Arena on Monday afternoons for the junior school and Thursday afternoons for the senior school.  We are waiting on confirmation for start dates. Please watch this space.

School photographs

All photographs for class, individual and whanau portraits have been sent out to their prospective owners.

If you are interested in purchasing a sports team photo for $15 please make you order at the school office.

Kapahaka regionals

Next friday Whaea Ruhina has organised for our school to attend the 2018 Kapahaka Regionals.  If you are interested in your child attending please send your permission form and payment of $10 to the school office.  We have limited seating so get in quick.

Digital Technology

The staff from Natone Park school attended a workshop to help implement the new curriculum as a whole Community of Learning.  We are also being supported by having one of the advisers from Victoria University coming in to work with our students and show them some activities to benefit their learning.

Hot Hula at Natone

Every Monday evening from 6-7pm we will be holding Hot Hula for a gold coin donation at the door.  Please bring along a lavalava, towel and water bottle. Everyone welcome.

Shake Out Drill

Natone Park School participated in the National Shake Out Drill at 9.30am.  What an amazing bunch of sensible people that we have in Waitangirua. We will display photographs in the foyer of the Administration building for you to observe. Each child was also sent home with a 2018 Schools Challenge Booklet. When these are completed please get your child to return their completed booklet to the school office and they will recieve a prize.

Waitangirua Community Plan

Natone Park School is contributing valuable ideas towards the future planning of Waitangirua.  We have suggested adding more or improved lighting in and around the walkways especially behind the school above the stairway.  We have also talked about helping preventing speeding cars around the front of the mall by adding speed bumps. Another suggestion was to paved or lay concrete at the south end of the school so that the public has better access to Natone Park School instead of walking through the grass when it is damp.

Window alterations

The school has a number of rotting window sills which are going to be replaced.  We have just signed a contract for builders to commence work soon. This will be done in stages for less disruption during school time.

Future Ferns

The Y1-2 students have netball building skills and activities being taught to them by the Future Ferns group.  They will be in on Tuesday 23 and Thursday 25 between 9.30-11am. Please feel free to come along and watch/support.

Sports Cluster Hui

Whaea Ruhina will be representing Natone Park School at the Inter School Sports Cluster Hui today to set dates for the Ki o rahi and Athletics this term.  Please encourage your children to participate.

DATES to remember:

  • 18/10 Sport Cluster Hui at Ngati Toa School
  • 19/10 Raranga Matahiko to Ngake
  • 23/10 Future Ferns for Y1-2
  • 25/10 Future Ferns for Y1-2
  • 26/10 Regional Kapahaka at Te Rauparaha Arena
  • 29/10 Hot Hula at Natone at 6pm
  • 31/10 Hosanna Party @ The Creek – Free Family Event