Ko te Rapare 13 o Mahuru  2018      Thursday 13 September 2018    School Roll: 108



Please Please Please We need you to pay for your child/rens swimming lessons which begins next week.  The monies which we are asking you to pay do not cover all the costs. This is why we have been holding sausage sizzles and hot chocolate fridays.  All children who have previously taken part in swimming have thoroughly enjoyed the programme. It would be such a pity if we couldn’t go. We have had this panui out for the last 7 weeks. There will be no children staying back from swimming as we do not have the staff to maintain this.  Please remember to send your children along to school with their swimming togs or they will need to borrow some from the lost property bin.

The cost for 2 wks swimming (and transportation) is:                                        (This includes siblings)

                              $18 for one child

                              $24 for two children

                              $30 for three or more children

Whanau Engagement Hui

Our next Whanau Engagement Hui will be held on Wednesday 19 September at 5.30 in the School Whare Hui.  Please feel free to come along and have your say. All details provided at the end of this newsletter.

Celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo Maori

Natone Park School were invited to participate in the Wiki o te Reo Maori Parade which marched from Parliament to Civic Square in Wellington on Monday 10 September 2018.  We would like to congratulate all the students who represented our kura and thank the parents that helped to supervise our tamariki. There was lots of positive feedback from all who took part.


We had wins from both teams.  On Monday the juniors won their game 5 nil and the senior team won on Tuesday 3 nil.  One student commented how they were glad to win for once as they were getting sick of draws all the time.  Well done to all the players. Great to see the magic on the court. Nextweek is an off week so there will be no soccer. Next game’s are in week 10. Keep an eye out for the times.

Sausage sizzle

We will be selling a sausage sizzle with a drink tomorrow for $3.  All orders are to be made at the office so Whaea Miro can count up how many sausages she needs to cook.

Parent Contact details

Parents can you please inform us if you have changed your contact details as it is becoming increasingly difficult when we need to contact you in times of emergencies or accidents.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

End of term details

We will be finishing the term on Friday 28 September at 3pm.

Gaming shop

There will be an event run by the City Council this Saturday in the Porirua shopping area where children can go along and try out some games.  It will only be run on the day as part of Te Wiki o te Reo Maori. Details are either in the Kapa Mana or on the Te Wiki o te Reo Maori website.

USO bike ride

On Saturday 6 October the USO boys will be leading a bike workshop and going out for a ride.  If you are interested here are the details. Further information can be obtained from Findlay Siania at Maraeroa Marae.

Time Table- Saturday 6th October, Start time- 7am- Karakia- Breakfast Workshop., Bike Ride, Finish by 10.30am

Venue- Tuarua Whare, 128 Corinna Street, Waitangirua, Opposite Waitangirua Police Station

What to Bring- Bike, Helmet, Hi vest, Water

Spread the word!

Bring your family along- Let’s get our kids off their video games & encourage our whanau to get out on their Bikes.

Organisation for Term 4

Planning and organisation for Term 4 on well on their way.  The staff have met and have pencilled a plan to implement for our last term for 2018.  The time has gone so fast and we would like to celebrate with our children and finish our topic studies on ‘I ahu mai ahau i hea?’ with a bang.  Hopefully you will find the time to come along during the term to visit and see what activities have been going on.

Fundraising event


Please see the details attached for the fundraising event that Natone Park School are supporting for one of our community members.  Any further information can be obtained from Whaea Toa at the school.



Inter school competition

Unfortunately the swimming competition between the school was cancelled due to lack of numbers attending.  We would like to send our children to compete in the swimming competitions and see how we fare against the other contributing schools.

Coming up we will be taking part in the Cross Country and athletics as well as the Ki-o-rahi competition which is a favourite amongst the students.

Cars in the carparks

Please whanau, we have noticed a few cars speeding in and/or out of the carparks. We would appreciate care and respect while dropping off and picking up your/our children.  We don’t want for our students to witness any unfortunate accidents that we can all prevent.

Dates to remember


  • 19/09 Whanau Hui 5.30pm
  • Week 9 & 10 Swimming
  • End of term Friday 28th September at 2.45pm


Kia ora, Talofa lava, Bula vanaka,  Tēnā Koe, Talofa Lava, Cómo está usted, Kia Orana, as-salaam‘alaykum, Malo e Lelei

Our next whanau hui is almost here.  We will be meeting together on Wednesday 19th September 2018 at school in the hall.  Here is what we will do.

Our meeting is focused on Community Voices – sharing what we want to say.  I will provide an update about my role, about 5-10 minutes then we will have two sessions of 20 minutes each.

Session one will ask for your views about:

(1) tell us about a time you really liked what was happening at our school?

(2) what does our school look like when our children are doing well?

Session two will ask for your views about:

(3) if you could make a positive change for the school what would it be?

(4) offer one sentence to describe what the school will look like in 2020?

There will be up to three conversation hubs set up where you can choose where to sit.  There will be a writer and a faciltator with each hub. All you need to do is share what you would like to say about each question.

I will summarise our sharing at the end of the sessions and then we’ll place our sheets on the wall in the foyer. Others can write their views on sticky papers and place then on the question sheets.


  1. Commissioner Update
  2. Session One
  3. Session Two
  4. Summary

Look forward to seeing you all on the 19th September