Dear Parents/Caregivers,                                                                                               Panui 1 Term 3, 2018


Welcome back to school for Term 3 2018.  We have welcome 6 new students to our school (4 New Entrants and 2 returning senior students).  This takes our numbers up unofficially to 120. It is good everyone is accounted for and ready to work, work, work.



8.45 am    School commences

10.45am   Morning Tea

12.30pm   Lunch

2.45pm     School finishes and clear school grounds for staff meetings


It is great to see the majority of the students turning up on time and starting early without disrupting the class.



We have Tom and …….. Visiting from ………….. To check all students’ teeth until next Wednesday.  Some of the students will be bringing home notices to be signed. Please ensure they are returned as soon as possible so that our Dental Technicians can carry out their jobs.



Wendy will be in to introduce the Healthy Heroes programme across the school.  We will be focussing on making goals and tracking out success rates. Students will be presented with certificates on completion.



The Tawa Rotary Club have been in to Natone Park School and offered some financial assistance to buy resources for our school.  We will be making a decision on a product and let you know what it is in the next newsletter.



In Weeks 9 and 10 of this term we are travelling to Cannons Creek Swimming Pool for swimming lessons.  They were very popular and were extremely successful last year. These skills are life long. After looking at the statistics on drowning New Zealand doesn’t fare well.  


This year the school is hoping to assist by holding a sausage sizzles every fortnight and a Mini Gala.  Some students have been paying $2 at a time. Just in case you would like to start paying it off we have the prices listed below.

The cost for 2 wks swimming (and transportation) is:

                              $18 for one child

                              $24 for two children

                              $30 for three or more children



Natone Park School will be holding Reading to sessions to help our parents when reading with their children at home.   There will only be 10 places for you and your child and will be held in Weeks 3, 6, 9 of Term 3. Please contact the office if you are interested and then we can set a time and day of the week that is best suited.



Yrs 1-6 students have been offered the opportunity to play in a soccer competition this term.



The ladies from Te Papa will be visiting Ngake to continue their studies on Digital Fluency and Technology.  This will commence Thursday 26/7/18.



Ko Wai Au will continue to run for Yr 3-8 on Thursdays for Term 3. A huge thank you to TJ, Hemi and Lia from the Whanau Centre.



Waka Ama is still being offered for your Year 7 students and will be having their graduation ceremony at the end of August this term.



The Primary Teachers and Principals Union is currently negotiating with the government to,

  • improve teacher and principal work conditions (time and work loads)
  • improve teacher’s and principal’s  ability to support special learning and behaviour students
  • attract qualified teachers and principals to fill shortages through pay increases
  • keep our current teachers and principals in the profession through meaningful career development.

The negotiations are not going well for the Union. Therefore teachers and principals are considering strike action on 15 August to show the government the seriousness of the situation. I will be sending more information home next week about the possible strike action.



Over the next 3 weeks we will be running a survey to see how our Whanau feel about things happening at Natone Park School.  We are asking you to help by filling it in when we send it out. There will be a lucky dip prize, drawn by the Commissioner on August 22, for the whanau that take part.  Watch this space.



We cook lunch for our students at Natone Park School every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Due to our roll growth we are looking for parent support to assist our preparation for cooking.  If you are available to help between 11.30 and 12.30 please make contact asap.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ring the office and speak to Whaea Steph as Whaea Miro is away this week.