Ko te Ramere 6 o Hongongoi 2018                                   Friday 6 July 2018 School Roll: 112


Term 2

Thank you to everyone who made this Term a successful one.  To all the students who have worked so hard, well done. You have had a very successful and busy term.  To all the parents and caregivers thank you for your support especially those ones that we could catch up with during the Parent Teacher Interviews.  We have noticed and we hope you have noticed too.



We have some exciting things happening next term and hope that the students are ready to go.  This all starts in Week One with the visit from Healthy Heroes and Wendy., and it finishes with Swimming in Weeks 9 and 10.


Whaea Lyn

We would just like to remind you that Whaea Lyn is currently working at Aotea College but has been visiting throughout the second half of the term to help us transition with the many changes that have taken place.  We had our final morning tea with Whaea Lyn but we know that she will be back to visit.



Next term the Basketball team are on duty.  We have sent letters home to ask the parents to come along and help. We ask only a half hour of your precious time as Matua Meka is going to be umpiring as our other responsibility for the night.  Please return your slips to the office with the time that you and your child are able to help.



Games are still running tomorrow and then there will be a break for the holiday period.  The time for tomorrow’s game is 1pm



We celebrated the last Unihoc game with a win on Tuesday.  A very long and hard fought game so a win well deserved. Thank you to the team players who help make this a successful season.  We look forward to next year. Natone Park School staff will be looking out for other competitions that this year group will be able to participate in.


Up and coming events:

  • July 23 – First day back to School Term 3