Ko te Ramere 22 o Pipiri 2018                                   Friday 22 June 2018 School Roll: 112


School Hours

For the few parents that must be unaware of our school hours, it is 8.45am to 2.45pm.  Please make sure your child is picked up on time or that they are encouraged to go home straight away.  I do not expect teachers to be babysitting especially if it is after 3pm. We lock the gates at 3pm. The office closes at 3pm now that Whaea Lyn is not here anymore.  The teachers are sometimes required to leave the school premises for other meetings. Thank you to those that support us. I will make contact with the others.

Toys and Digital Devices

Did you know….that we discourage children from bringing their toys, phones and digital devices to school.  Please do not hold us responsible for these. You will need to discuss this with your child/ren.

Bully Free Zone

I would like to thank the students and parents/caregivers that have come in to discuss bullying issues.  We do not condone bullying and there is no excuse. We endeavour to try our best at Natone Park School to ensure that  we have a safe environment for all.

Lost Property

Thank you to all the whanau members that have made an effort to come in a claim their child’s clothing. As the term comes closer to the end we would like to remind you that there is no room for lost property at school and the items will be given out to the children that want them or take them to the clothing bin.  Your efforts are appreciated.


Today we had School Assembly where some children were recognised for their efforts.  There has been an abundance of positive play in and around the school. The learning environments are buzzing with excitement as students are participating in and completing set tasks.  These celebrations are important to show our students that we notice what they are doing and to show that we all appreciate their efforts.

School stationery

At the beginning of the year we asked parents to supply pens for the children to write with however in some classes we have had very little response and the teachers cannot possibly continue to supply these implements.  Contact will be made by your child’s teacher to ask you to contribute as we are only at the halfway mark of the year and need help.



As the competition is coming to an end our students are making good progress and getting better at aiming the ball somewhere close to the goal, improved defence skills and still enjoying themselves.  Thank you to Nanny Lovi for looking after our Year 3-4 team and all the whanau support up in the grandstands. Next week’s game will be at 4pm and it will be the last.

Parent Teacher Interviews

These will take place on Wednesday July 4 between 2.45 and 7pm.  If you have not already, please make an appointment to celebrate your child’s learning.  We only have a few spaces left.

Stop Work Meeting

Next week on Wednesday June 27 school will finish at 2pm as the teachers will be gone to a Stop Work Meeting in Wellington.  Please support the school and make arrangements for the children to be picked up early.  Whaea Ria will be waiting in the Wharenui for those children that are still here.

Inter School Netball

Two teams from Natone Park School entered the Inter School Netball Tournament.  Firstly thank you to all the participants and helpers, especially the coaches and Whaea Ruu and Matua Meka for taking charge during the day.  All the students had a boomer of a day. Fine weather was on the forecast eventually and the students thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the huge event which was run by Titahi Bay North School. The Year 7-8 team had fun and the Year 5-6 team enjoyed the experience winning the majority of their games.


Natone Park School Basketball has improved immensely in their skills and game plan.  They are still enjoying the experience. The competition is getting harder and they continue to challenge their opposition.  It’s so great to see all our parents turning up to support especially when the games are so late. They won 47 – 34, Welldone.

String Quartet

The school senior students will be travelling to the Michael Fowler Center on Wednesday at 11am to watch a string Quartet performance.  If you are available to come along on the free bus, we are looking for at least 4 parents to come and enjoy the experience with us. There is no cost to the trip and the children are very much looking forward to being able to sit in the huge auditorium after seeing and hearing a smaller performance at school last month.

End of Term

As we come to the last two weeks of school term I would like to thank you for your efforts to ensure your child/ren are at school daily for their learning programmes.  Thank you to those parents that have made an effort to improve their child/ren’s effort to arrive on time ready to learn. This makes a difference to their learning and helps with building good routines for their future education.  School will finish on Friday July 6 at 3pm.


On a Monday morning Whaea Sharlene goes to pick up the kai for our lunches from the suppliers.  We always have an abundance of bread, fruit and sometimes vegetables available for you to take home.  Please see someone in the office so that we can get you to select what you want. We have sometimes got the children to choose what they want to take home but there is always the little critter who will waste it and leave it lying around.  We would rather it go home for our whanau. Please don’t be shy, you are doing us a favour by helping to clear it as we have no storage.

Unwanted school visitors

Recently we have had teenagers visiting our school.  It is becoming a nuisance as we have not had this type of problem before.  We are, however, working with the police to have these children removed so that they don’t distract our students.  

School Swimming

Natone Park School is booked in for swimming lessons in Term 3.  All the students love going along and making every effort to become skilled swimmers for lifelong learning.  We all know the benefits of having good swimmers in our families and having survival skills in times of danger.  Please watch this space as we organise the timetables and prices for costings. There will be a swimming fun day organised and certificates of achievement for those that participate in the lessons.

ASB Financial Literacy

On Wednesday July 4 we are having the team from ASB coming in to teach our children in all classes about Financial LIteracy. This has been very popular in the past and the children have enjoyed participating in the activities on offer.  You are welcome to come and join in. Just make contact with Whaea Miro to find out the time for your child’s class.

Heart Foundation

Whaea Yaneta and Whaea Linda have been in to our school today to talk about Nutrition and choices in all classes.  Our children enjoy and appreciate the activities and learning that is made during these sessions. We have had other classes for indoor games on wet days, physical fitness tests and activities.

Term 3 planning

During the holidays the teachers will be planning for the new term.  Some of the things that are on the calendar are a Healthy Heroes Programme for goal setting, the Dental Van will be scheduled to check the children’s teeth and Swimming.  We will be discussing some activities and visits for the Juniors as well as some sports activities which will be held around Weeks 4 and 8 of the term.

Apologies for the late newsletter

I would like to apologise for the late newsletter this week.  I will endeavour to maintain a Thursday release of notifications.

Up and coming events:

  • June 23       Netball 1pm, Court 4 vs Plimmerton Phoenix
  • June 25-26 Tu Kaha visiting Y7-8 students
  • June 26       Unihoc 4pm
  • June 27      Senior students to Orchestral Concert
  • June 27      Stop Work Meeting, school closes 2pm
  • June 27      Basketball BYE
  • June 28      Ko Wai Au Programme
  • June 29      Y7-8 Whitireia Performing Arts
  • June 30      Netball 1pm
  • July 4         ASB Financial Literacy in school
  • July 4         Basketball 4pm vs Postgate B
  • July 4         Parent Teacher Interviews
  • July 5         Visitors from Hinatore, Te Papa