Ko te pipi te tuatahi, Ko te kaunuku te tuarua 

From small beginnings come great things

Thursday 07   June   2018                         School Roll: 110

Firewise programme

The Junior School celebrated with the Fire Fighters last week when they came to present the Firewise Programme.  A big thank you to Stu and the team. The children had a wonderful time working the fire hose, hopping on board the fire engine and learning how to be safe.  Photos will be put up on the website and the school facebook page.

Ko Wai Au

Every Thursday after lunch the Whanau Centre come to Natone Park School to teach our students about conflict resolution and relationship building.  We appreciate the time that TJ and his team spend with our children. It has been good to see the students practising some of the skills when confronted with challenges.  It is also good to see the Tuakana stepping up and helping out.

Parent Teacher Interviews

These will be coming up soon.  Please keep an eye out for the appointment schedule and get in quick as we will only be holding interviews over the one night.  The times for these will be 2.45pm to 7pm only. Teachers will be having a dinner break at 5.45-6.15pm.

Samoan Language Day

Last week we successful celebrate Samoan Language Week.  We would like to thank all the staff at Natone Park School, the parents and especially Whaea Toa.  Without her help we would not be able to experience at the level that we did. Our children made us proud.  They learned many lifelong experiences such as language phrases and cultural aspects.

Raranga Matahiko

On June 12 and 13 Ngake students will be going to Hinatore at Te Papa to learn about and have a go at Digital Fluency.  They will be visiting and listening to two teachers to learn about what resources are available in and out of Te Papa. The is a wonderful opportunity for our students to look into the future and also at the Technological Capabilities.  We are looking for 4 willing parents to help Whaea Ria to supervise the 26 students while on the trip. Please get in contact with her at the school.

Tu Kaha

A new leadership programme has been offered to the Tuakana of the school and will be visiting on-site on June 25 and 26.  This programme is supported by the NZ Warriors and focuses on helping build positive, confident young people with a better opportunity to reach their potential.  The children will also be participating in outdoor team building skills. We are only one of 2 schools in the Porirua area to have them come and visit.

School lunches

It has been noticed that the children are bringing junk food into the school.  We would appreciate your support by not putting these into your child’s bag. We are part of a Healthy Schools programme and need you to help promote healthy living.  Please understand that if your child is seen eating lollies, bubblegum, chocolate, sweetened drinks or big bags of chippies these will be confiscated and not returned.  If you wish to talk further about this please do not hesitate to come and see Whaea Ria or your child’s teacher.

New enrolments

We would like to welcome Kiyana and Tiana back from Aussie.  It is lovely to see the girls and nice to see the warm welcomes from all the friends that remember them.


It is important to come to the office if your child discloses that they have been bullied.  We have a zero tolerance to bullying and want to prevent it from happening if the case arises.  Please help us to make this a safer place to be at.


This week we have had no Unihoc but are assured that there will be a game next Tuesday.  Please keep an ear out for the game times.  The Basketball team had a bye and the team has a game timetable each.  The Netball draw is up online for this weekends game. You need to check the Ngatitoa Netball website or your child will tell you the time.

Healthy Foods programme

Whataitai had the privilege of visiting Pack n Save with the assistance of the Heart Foundation and Natone Park School.  If you helped to assist with transport and supervision today – thank you. We cannot possibly carry out these sorts of activities without your help.  We appreciate your support.


Thank you to all the whanau for helping with getting your children to school and on time.  Thank you to the parents that have fronted up and had a discussion with me. If you have an issue with me telling you that school starts at 8.45am or that I approached you because your child is consistently late you need to see me, Whaea Ria.  I am fully available. Please don’t express your issues to Miro at the office. Come and see me.

IMPORTANT   Teacher Stop Work Meeting

School will close early on Wednesday June 27 at 2pm so that the teachers can attend their NZEI Union Stop Work Meeting.  Please support our teachers and make arrangements for your children to be picked up early.


Dates to remember

  • Parent Teacher Interviews 26 June 2.45-7pm
  • Netball        Check the website
  • Unihoc       Tue
  • Basketball  Wednesday 3.30pm
  • Raranga Matahiki  12 and 13 June all day
  • Tu Kaha 25 and 26 June all day
  • Commissioner in school 13 June all day