LATENESS.      It is your legal responsibility to ensure that your child is at school on time.   Absences are monitored we need you to support the learning of our tamariki by making sure they get to school

SICKNESS.         Please ring Lyn at the school office if your child is going to be absent because of sickness.   A medical certificate must be produced after two days.

Reporting to Parents/Whānau – Parent/Teacher Interviews

Talofa lava malo le soifua. Fa’amanatu atu tatou Matua, le tatou feiloaiga ma faiaoga a outou alo ma fanau le vaiaso a sau i le aso Lua 13 o Mati mai le itula 3pm – 7pm ma le aso Tofi 15 o Mati mai le itula 2 – 7pm. Fa’amolemole e manatua ona fa’atumu le form ua uma ona momoli atu e lou alo.

Two days have been set aside for our interviews this term.   This is an opportunity for you to have 1-1 time with your child’s teacher and to have a discussion about how you can both work together to shape the learning journey for your child. You will have an opportunity to look at their books and check out their writing.   Have a look at the colourful displays in the classrooms and  what your child may be working on at the moment.   You may also like to share with your child’s teacher some important information about how your child learns or what you would like to see more of.   This is also a time to share goals and to receive feedback about your learner.   Whaea Lyn is sending home an appointment schedule, please return it with your preferred times (2 options would be good).   First in – first served basis, so please be patient, Whaea Lyn is really good at juggling these schedules so that we can fit everyone in.  The days will be:                     TUESDAY 13 March  from 3.00pm            or             THURSDAY 15 APRIL from 2.00pm                20 minute interviews


While we want our tamariki to come to school every day, full of life, bubbly and excited to learn, some may come to school sad, angry, restless or hurt.   How we respond to the whole range of behaviours can be stressful for everyone concerned.   We as teachers are determined to be more understanding .   Behaviour has a function – a ‘why’.   If we can understand the ‘why’ then we can respond constructively.   We are learning how we can understand ourselves and others when we are in fragile situations and how we alone can influence a situation.   We will be reinforcing how to manage our reactions positively, and the implications of behaviours when we react under stress.   We are committed to building strong and positive relationships with our tamariki and our school community to uplift the mana of every person associated with Natone Park School.    We have two more sessions. Monday 19 March 3 – 4.30pm, Monday 26 March 3 – 4.30pm


Farewell to Rakapa Te Aho (who hails from Wairoa/Hawkes Bay).   She has been our Facilitator this week and the main focus has been on the biology of the body and the most important things we need to know to keep ourselves healthy.   Each class has enjoyed their time with Kapa, and as always the  visit  to see ‘Harold’  is always something to look forward to. Even for our Y8’s who have enjoyed Harold’s visits since they were small.


It is a challenge for Kaiako to monitor healthy foods at this school.   Less food in aluminium foil wrappers and high sugar food is a very good place to start.   We continue to ensure that our tamariki receive fresh fruit and milk every day, breakfast in school between 8.00 and 8.30am, we also provide FREE meals three days a week lovingly prepared by Whaea Miro. If lunch is required any other day, we are able to provide a cut lunch as well.   Just let Whaea Lyn or Whaea Miro know.

MINI GALA – is  SATURDAY MORNING 17 MARCH 8.00 – 12.00 noon 

Fa’amanatu atu fo’i le tatou mini gala e fai i lea lava vaiaso I le Aso To’ona’i 17 o Mati. E manao’mia le tatou auai e lagolago lenei fa’amoemoe aua mea fai i totonu o le aoga ae maise mo tatou alo ma fanau. Talai atu i outou aiga ma uo.
Ma lou fa’aaloalo lava. Fa’afetai.

We will be setting up the stalls at 8.00am, ready to start selling by 9.00am.    Please make contact with her.        There are 10,  40kg Pig Raffles left,  selling at $10.00 a ticket.   Tickets available from Whaea Lyn.  MIRO NEEDS MORE WHĀNAU HELPERS.  Cake Competition boxes will be coming home next week.   Whaea Miro will continue to send home updates.


13 and 15 March    Parent/Teacher Interviews

30 Mar -2 Apr         Easter weekend holiday

3 April                       School starts back

4 April                       Commissioner in School

13 April                     Last day of school

Kia manuia, kia piki te ora, maʿ al-salāmah

Ihipera Whakataka
Emergency Principal

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