I live in Waitangirua and my house is in Kōkiri Crescent.   I live by the Mall.   My school is Natone Park School and my friends at school are Laasaga, Mere, Vai and Jean.  I live with Nan, Pāpā and Dad.  My name is Pounamu.  I like TV.   I’ve got a little brother, his name is Manaaki.   He is nine months old.   I like singing and dancing. I danced at the Creek Festival with my School and Cannon’s Creek School. My Aunty came and Whaea Lyn was there as well.

My whole family came to support us. The best thing about the Creek Festival was dancing on the stage in front of everyone. I put my hand up to dance at the Creek Festival, I was glad that I was chosen. I do not know if I am good at dancing but I like it and  I would like to do more dancing.

21 February 2018