Allijah is a 12 year old girl. She has the power of speed an shape shifting. She was raised in an Orphanage but then the perfect family came along – the Clifford family. They only have one dog and one daughter. Me. They live in an apartment in Wellington. Allijah was odd to her family because she was fast and could morph into strange animals. She grew older and discovered another power, flying. Her parents worried. Her Shape Shifting power reflected on her emotions. Like if she was mad she could turn into a crocodile and a shark or something dangerous. When she’s sad she will turn into something to calm her. When she’s happy she could turn into anything. It all depends on her emotions but it was a whole different story with the rest of her powers. She can only use speed when she really needs it to help her win something or help people. Her flying was a completely different story she could use it at anytime she wanted. If she used it too much on the wrong stuff,  it might do something to her but who knows what it could do, she’s never been that far before.