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It all started when I wanted to make pocket money.  Because I was too young for some jobs I opened up A lemon stand, I have to say it was A big fail.

Later that night… I decided to make some pizza for a few friends that were coming over.  My Nan had just brought new limited edition hot and spicy sauce. Apparently it smells soooo good everyone will be ringing your doorbell.  I added some of that sauce on it, it smelt so good.  

“Ring!” goes the doorbell

“What smells so good?” said a friend.

As I opened the door everyone ran straight inside and with the click of a finger the pizza was gone.  However, you could still smell that wonderful sauce. With the click of a thumb, up went a picture of the pizza. Within 10 minutes the upload went viral, 6 million views, 4k comments and 2 million likes.  

I was so full from that pizza so I decided to have a rest. As my eyes were just closing, my ears caught the sound of bike bells, and car horns tooting.  I took a look out the window and there was a load of traffic parked outside my house. The whole street was full,  just for this pizza everyone was craving. Before you knew it a monster truck came zooming passed and hit a biker.  This shows you how much people wanted to know my recipe. 

My friend dialled 111. Along came the ambulance. The biker’s injuries were pretty serious. A busted lip, a broken neck and a grazed forehead. Everyone was cleared from the sight and we carried on with our sleepover. Once everyone was asleep I crawled out of bed and made more pizza.

The next morning…I was up early and I went for a hospital visit to see the biker he was pleased to see me but i’m sure he was more happier to see the boxes of pizza.  Months passed by… and because my pizza was such a hit I started my own company and the injured biker became my delivery man. My pizza was selling like crazy so it was a bit hard for me NOT to tell my customers the recipe.  But.   I still haven’t told anyone.  However, I am willing to pass it down when I retire.