Tomorrow we are going to Wellington to visit two special places, as part of our Social Sciences Unit, “Ko Wai Au”.   We have two achievement objectives:

To understand how people pass on and sustain culture and heritage for different reasons and that this has consequences for people.  The first stop will be The Holocaust Centre  which tells the stories of the survivors and victims of Nazi Persecution.   The Holocaust Centre bears testimony from survivors that came to New Zealand.

Our second stop will be a visit to Parliament Buildings, one of New Zealand’s best known landmarks, and the place where Laws are made.  With the national elections coming up, we are learning to  understand how leadership of groups is acquired and the consequences for the future.

Our Ko Wai Au kaupapa started with us looking at ourselves, our families and our communities.   Now we are taking a  look beyond to see how others are affected by change. If we don’t write about events in our lives, those feelings and ideas stay locked up inside our own hearts and heads…… and not one other person will know how we  feel.   Not one.