From small beginnings come great things


                                                         Thursday 17 May 2018 School       


Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Group met yesterday at 1pm with the Commissioner to talk about and set up our Whanau Hui for next week and talk about the latest events happening at Natone Park School.

Whanau Hui

Our next Whanau Hui will be held on Wednesday 30 May at 5.30pm.  It would be great if you could put aside some time to come and hear the good work that is going on at school.

Classroom visits

On Tuesday we had Julie Beattie our Literacy adviser come and observe in the classrooms.  She is very pleased with the progress that is being made across the school and enjoyed seeing the children participating in the variety of activities in their classrooms.


The team played against Windley School last night.  Unfortunately they lost but played very well against a team with a lot of Porirua Reps.  Awesome teamwork! Player of the game is Sio Muaiava.

Samoan Language Week

Our school will be celebrating Samoan Language Week starting on May 28.  If you are able to contribute or help with anything can you please see Whaea Toa.  We appreciate all the support our families gives.


Our students played an outstanding game.  They battled to the end and tried to combat Holy Family but to no avail.  Great to see all the supporters again. Awesome to hear the cheers of support for both teams.  I know the Y3-4 players appreciate your presence.


There are still students that have not bought their stationery and we have been running short on pens.  Please ensure your child helps by replacing the equipment that they have used from someone else’s supplies.

Did you know?

Did you know that if you child comes to school consistently late that they are disrupting the class.  Did you know that if they are consistently late that that they affect the attendance percentage for our school each term?  Did you know that it is really important to ring us if you child is away so that we can put the correct coding on the attendance register which is monitored digitally and goes to the ministry? Please parents.  Send your children to school on time and ready to learn.

Parent Teacher Interviews.

We are currently writing our school reports.  Your child’s progress will be recorded and next learning steps.  Parent Teacher Interviews have been arranged for Tuesday 26 June 2018 to hand out the reports.  Interview times will be given out soon. School will close at 2pm. First interviews will be at 2pm and finish by 7pm.  Please ensure that your child/ren are picked up on time.

Paid Union Meetings

On Wednesday June 27 school will close at 2pm.  All teachers will be attending a stop work meeting.  It is important for Health and Safety reasons that you arrange to have your child/ren are picked up after school on time.  All teachers will be leaving the premises at 1.45pm and the children will be left with Whaea Ria. In the event of an emergency it will be unsafe for your child/ren to be here. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ring the school.

School Nurse

Bronwyn is our school nurse.  She comes in every Tuesday and is available if you need to talk to her. You can make an appointment through the school

Social Worker

Dawn is our social worker who helps with some of our children’s needs.  She is also available to talk to families if you need to. You can make an appointment through the school.


We have had lots of positive feedback from parents, visitors and specialists to the school.  If you have noticed anything and would like to share it with us, please do. We appreciate hearing what you think.  It’s important to us.


Dates to remember:

  • 18/5 Reading Recovery observations.
  • 21/5 4pm Aronui Tomua Mtg, Te Whanganui a Tara
  • 30/5 5.30pm Whanau Whanui Meeting and Honohono kai, Staffroom. All welcome.
  • 26/6 Parent Teacher Interviews 2-7pm.
  • 27/6 Teacher Stop Work Union Meetings 2pm.
  • 27/6 Senior students to Close Encounters Music Performance, Michael Fowler Center, Wgtn
  • 29/6 10.30am Ngake students to  Whitireia Performing Arts group, Dixon Street, Wellington