On Wednesday 30 May at 5.30pm in the Natone Park School Whare Hui we will be holding our Whanau Whanui Hui.  We invite all parents, community members and students to attend and hear the latest panui about our school curriculum, property, Principal’s report, Commissioners report and up-and-coming events for our kura. To wind it up at the end of the Hui we will be having a kai to mix and mingle amongst the whanau.  It will be great to see you there.


We would like to welcome our new students to school.  In the last week we had 3 enrolments and are thrilled to see that they have settled into our school environment.  


This week our children have been focussing on Road Safety week.  The focus for 2018 is on wearing seatbelts and distractions. We have learned about the statistics of road accidents and the impact that wearing a seatbelt has on all people in the vehicle compared to other findings from previous years.  The children have been taking part in a variety of activities to help make them more aware of distractions while riding in the car.


Our children had a fun filled afternoon on Friday singing some of our favourite and long forgotten songs from the past.  It was delightful to see them get up and dance and show their enjoyment as they sang along. I am sure that the parents that were present were delighted to see the children positively participating and hearing the sweet melodies.


As you travel to or from, or even when you pass our kura, you will see the hard work that Matua Meka (our caretaker) has taken to keep our school beautiful.  We have had a number of compliments from staff and parents about the presentation of the school environment. Well done Matua Meka.


We would like to thank the Tua whanau for their support to our school.  Whaea Nicky has taken time from her job as a hairdresser to cut hair for whanau at $10 for children and $20 for adults.  All proceeds are going towards the school for our children’s activities. Nga mihi ki a koutou te whanau Tua. If you have a skills that you would like to share with the kura please come in and have a chat.  We really appreciate your support.  A big thank you to whaea Nikki you rock


Every friday morning tea we will be selling hot chocolates for $2.  Monies will need to be dropped off to Whaea Miro prior to school starting so that we can get the orders ready.  The proceeds will go towards buying prizes for the children.


The fire service will be coming in to share their skills and expertise with our junior students.  They have been in contact with the staff and are looking forward to coming in with their fire appliances, resources and having discussions amongst the children.


Across the school the students at Natone Park School are learning about, visiting and being visited by a variety of agencies to hear what is on offer in the local community.  If you have something to share or are part of a local community agency please come in and talk with us. We appreciate all the offers of help.


Did you know…..if your child arrives at school after 10am, they are marked as truant if we don’t have a doctor’s certificate or a justifiable excuse?  Please make sure your children are at school in time to start learning by 8.45am.

Did you know…..that we have a huge concern about the increasing absenteeism at our kura?  The schools in Porirua East meet once a term to discuss stats on absenteeism and ways to encourage children to come to school. Unfortunately our school is not faring well in the findings.  Please send your children to school to that can continue to help them prepare for their futures. They can’t learn if they are not at school.


Our juniors have entered the Indoor Unihoc competition held at Te Rauparaha Arena for the very first time and won their game on Tuesday afternoon. It was exciting to watch our students participating in an event that is very new to them.  They played proudly to show their whanau that they are champs. Thank you to Nanny Lovi and Whaea Ruhina for coaching and organising this special opportunity for our young ones. A great big thank you to all the families and friends that turned up to support.  It was delightful to see all the numbers in the grandstand and hearing them clapping and cheering for all the players.

Next weeks Draw for Unihoc is meet at the arena at 3.30 PLEASE DON’T BE LATE


Netball is at 1.40pm on Saturday meet at school at 1.pm Please don’t be late


Awesome game last night, we played Postgate school it was 24 all, Emosi is our player of the day.   Well done Emosi 


Every week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays Whaea Miro cook a nice warm kai for each and every student at Natone Park School.  The food is supplied and sponsored by KCA Foods. Sometimes we have left over food which the children are able to select and bring home.  We sometimes have spare kai in the staffroom. Please don’t be shy and help us by taking some home.


On Tuesday 15 May at the Michael Fowler Center, the seniors students will be travelling to hear the melodic sounds of an orchestral performance.  This trip has been arranged and paid for by the organisers. What an opportunity to experience something like this at such a young age. We are very appreciative and look forward to this outing.


Last friday Whaea Yaneta and Whaea Linda Vaua-Sua have been in to teach some rainy day games.  From the laughter and absolute noise you could gauge the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and participated 120%. We look forward to another great session this coming Monday.


We have appreciated the families, parents, friends and visitors who have come in and commented on and given feedback to us at Natone Park School.  Please feel free to come in and share your thoughts.

Dates to remember:

  • 12/5 Netball game, Ngatitoa Domain, Paremata.
  • 15/5 Indoor Unihoc game, Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua
  • 16/5 Basketball game, Rangikura School, Ascot Park.
  • 15/5 11am Senior students to Close Encounters Music Performance, Michael Fowler Center, Wgtn
  • 16/5 1.30pm Parent Advisory Meeting, Staffroom.  All welcome.
  • 16/5 Te Tiwha Puketapu, Commissioner in school.
  • 16/5 11am-2.45pm COL visitors to Natone Park School.
  • 17/5 1pm RAAYS meeting discussing truancy and absenteeism issues in Porirua East schools.
  • 21/5 4pm Aronui Tomua Mtg, Te Whanganui a Tara
  • 30/5 5.30pm Whanau Whanui Meeting and Honohono kai, Staffroom. All welcome.
  • 26/6 Parent Teacher Interviews 2-7pm.
  • 27/6 Teacher Stop Work Union Meetings.
  • 29/6 10.30am Ngake students to  Whitireia Performing Arts group, Dixon Street, Wellington